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Hamam Treatment - $80 per person 

In days gone by all the towns and villages in Turkey had a bathhouse where the local people gathered regularly to relax and exchange gossip. The baths were segregated and were open at a set time for men and women, nowadays however most baths are mixed. We have just built Australia's second Hamam, the other one is in Sydney.

This authentic  treatment is performed in WA's first and only Hamam lying on the heated (40 degree) stone table, in a modern steamy, humid environment. Its purpose is to cleanse, relax and purify the body and skin. Starting off, the body's temperature is increased with a warm body soak using traditional copper Tas pans to detoxify the body and prepare the skin for exfoliation with the traditional Kessa mitt. The exfoliation will help renew the skin and leave it feeling silky and smooth. The body is then rinsed again. Your therapist then uses a conditioning olive based soap rubbed into a Torba and when combined with air, creates a cloud of frothy bubbles to wrap the body in. Once the body is lathered the therapist massages the soap bubbles into the skin. 

The massage is quite rough and really cleanses the new skin layers as well as providing some degree of stretching and kneading of those tired muscles. To complete the treatment, the client lies under the Vichy shower. Finally - the cold plunge to finish the treatment - be brave! You are encouraged to stay and enjoy the cold plunge, the warm soak or hot spa or pour water over themselves from the cold fountain (traditional). Put on a thick bath robe and enjoy a hot tonic with a few dates in the recovery lounge area. 

OR - without treatment:

Hamam Session - $30 per person  (Minimum 2 persons) 

On entering the baths you will be able to leave your valuables and clothing in a locker. You will then be given a “pesternal” or thin wrap-around sarong, (which can be worn over your swimwear if you wish), as well as a pair of  thongs to wear on your feet and later a towel for drying-off. You can then go through into the Hamam to relax in the steamy atmosphere. Around the Hamam you will find a 'cold plunge', a 'warm bath' and a 'hot spa' as well as a cold water fountain to  dowse yourself using the traditional metal dish provided. The Hamam Session is valid for upto 2 hours.