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Body Wraps

Dead Sea Mud Wrap and Vichy Shower 1 hour $135
Pure and Natural Hot Mud, directly extracted from the Dead Sea. Rich in essential minerals it will nourish the skin and aid in cleansing the skin of impurities, removing toxins. Improves circulation and natural skin generation.

Avocado Body Wrap and Vichy Shower 1 hour $135
Particularly beneficial for dry or mature skin or people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, sun or climate damaged skin, this moisturising treatment involves a generous mask consisting of fresh avocado flesh. Avocado is an oily fruit rich in Vitamins and deeply penetrating natural oils which are more readily absorbed by the skin than other oils.

Marine Wrap and Vichy Shower 1 hr 15 min $167
The Thalassotherapy treatment uses a fresh marine algae (seaweed) body wrap. The marine wrap stimulates both the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation whilst including detoxification benefits. After removal of the body wrap enjoy a complete body rub, massaging a mix of juniper, rosemary & grapefruit contouring oil. This treatment is recommended to help correct many water retention and hormonal imbalances, speed up the metabolism for those seeking weight loss, fortify the immune system and to help fight off the effects of stress. Excellent for tired aching legs.

Vichy Shower Deluxe 2 hours $245

Now this is the ultimate thalassotherapy treatment combining sea salt, mud and seaweed. After a sea salt exfoliation over the whole body the client is wrapped in mud (rich black mud from the dead sea) to draw out toxicity from the skin leaving it brighter and cleaner. This is then followed by a nutritive (rich in natural vitamins and minerals) seaweed pack and cocooned while you enjoy a relaxing head massage. Experience the gentle water massage of the Vichy shower as the seaweed is washed away before a special contouring blend of essential oils are massaged into the body.