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Denmark Beach - Green's Pool

Accommodation Near Green’s Pool - the Famous Denmark Beach
Chimes Spa Retreat in Denmark is just a short drive away from a serene, relaxing Denmark beach, the magical Green’s Pool. Just 15km from the Denmark town centre, Green’s Pool is renowned for superb swimming, snorkelling, diving and exploring.
Book your stay at Chimes Spa Retreat and you’ll be able to enjoy everything this Denmark beach has to offer.
Green’s Pool Denmark Beach
This Denmark beach is a true paradise. Almost completely sheltered from the waves of the Great Southern Ocean by the rounded rock boulders of the area, Green’s Pool is an untouched, tranquil escape. The gradually sloping rock formations that surround the Denmark beach are cut with small crevasses and pools, perfect for the young and young at heart.
So Much to Do At This Denmark Beach!
Green’s Pool is part of William Bay National Park, known for its stunning coastline and abundance of wildflowers in spring, making it a popular destination all year round.
Go snorkelling or diving in Green’s Pool and explore the calm rock pools. Take a stroll along the beach to Elephant Rocks, large granite rocks that look like an elephant by the water. Peaceful walks to Madfish Bay or Waterfall Beach are just as scenic.
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