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Denmark Food - Bartholomew's Meadery

Accommodation Near Bartholomew's Meadery for Some of the Best Denmark Food
Chimes Spa Retreat is conveniently located near a unique tourist destination providing some of the most sought after Denmark food, Bartholomew’s Meadery. Established in 1987, Bartholomew’s Meadery is well known for their range of Denmark food and beehive and honey based products.
Book your stay at Chimes Spa Retreat and you’ll be able to enjoy everything the Denmark food Bartholomew’s Meadery has to offer.
Denmark Food and More at Bartholomew's Meadery
Visiting Bartholomew’s Meadery, Denmark, is a taste, sight and smell sensation and a unique experience for all visitors, young and old. At Bartholomew’s Meadery you will discover many wonderful Denmark foods and other products made by the resident bees, including:
  • Finest quality unprocessed honey
  • Delicious honey wines
  • Superb honey liqueur
  • Delectable honey ice-cream
  • Propolis (a natural antibiotic)
  • Bee Pollen and beeswax
  • Royal jelly products
  • Arts and crafts
Visitors to Bartholomew’s Meadery get a fascinating insight into the bees and how the products are made, as well as the chance to try a sample of their delicious Denmark food!  The Meadery also has a glass beehive where you can try to spot the Queen.
Don’t delay, book online today to stay at Chimes Spa Retreat, right by the finest Denmark food producers, such as Bartholomew’s Meadery.
Bartholomew’s Meadery - Honey and Other Denmark Food
All of the honey at Bartholomew’s Meadery in Denmark is collected from the South West of Western Australia. They do not process or heat-treat it, so it comes to you pure and straight from the hive. As well as being delicious, it is an effective natural product to use for wound care and burns.


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