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Perth Woman

Sian Briggs Editor Perth Woman Magazine


A looming deadline. A four-hour car trip. Incessant backseat driving and one very irritated skipper. By the time we got to Chimes Spa Retreat, we were frazzled. Tense. Weary. Not for long.

From the moment you start winding down the tree-lined Denmark roads and the fresh scent of damp bark fills the air, you know you’re onto something special. But even Mother Nature doesn’t prepare you for the beauty of Chimes. The view alone is enough to take your breath away – a picture perfect setting of rolling green plains (dotted with the most blessed-out cows you’ve ever seen) that meander gently to an inlet, which in turn leads to the ocean. From there the ocean meets a graceful mist and together they blend as one with the horizon.

And that’s before you’ve even seen your room. Neutral, with splashes of green and burgundy, each of the suites available at Chimes is the epitome of comfortable luxury. Features such as the King-sized bed completed with plump, wine-coloured cushions and dual control electric blankets, chunky armchairs, timber balcony and a spa that overlooks that amazing view outside, are complemented by delightful personal touches like candles, sweet-smelling furry robes and a teddy on the bed.

Owners Kane and Michelle Randle greet their guests with warm smiles and a ‘my-place-is-yours’ mentality. The main area features a ‘guest lounge’, complete with coffee, tea and snacks, newspapers, books and guitar; there’s a room dedicated to helping people plan their holiday itineraries, sights and sounds; and a huge selection of videos and board games for guests to enjoy in their rooms.

I’ve stayed in many different types of accommodation around the world, but Chimes has that something special – it’s the antithesis of a sterile hotel room, yet lacks the ‘instructiveness’ of a bed and breakfast. Instead, it combines the best elements of both – guests can enjoy a warm, comfortable, homely environment (including a full gourmet breakfast) whilst maintaining a sense of privacy and independence to their stay.

And the best is yet to come. The latest addition to Chimes is a Salon Spa offering the crème de la crème of beauty treatments. While my partner received a steam, I was treated to a juniper and grapefruit salt body scrub which, Michelle advised me, removed dead skin cells, improved blood and lymphatic circulation and rid my body of toxins – but the best part? It left my skin exquisitely baby smooth. The scrub was washed off with a Vichy shower – seven shower roses, which down a wall of warm rainwater over your body as you lie on a wet massage table. Then we switched heavens, with my partner enjoying an ‘Aussie bush scrub’ (clay, sandalwood chips, bush honey, macadamia oil and cedarwood), whilst I underwent 30 minutes of bliss on the steam deck. Soft, warm steam, combined with sandalwood oils and colour therapy designed to balance your ‘chakras’, relieves aching muscles and completely relaxes your mind. Next we were treated to deluxe head, neck and back massages (I had Swedish, he had sports) and a divine facial before the ultimate finale – a bubbling spa, champagne, two plates of Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables and herbal tea. Ahh!

Chimes Salon Spa is a truly exceptional experience. Kane and Michelle have worked out the magic formula for pressing the deflate button on stressful lives. It’s a special, romantic getaway, which makes it easy to forget the world you left behind. As one guest commented, “Thanks for reminding me of the things in life that matter”.

I couldn’t agree more.

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