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The Stirling Ranges

Accommodation Near The Stirling Ranges
Chimes Spa Retreat in Denmark is just a short drive away from The Stirling Ranges, strikingly unique mountain ranges in Western Australia.
The Stirling Ranges cover 2401 hectres of diverse land, with the most striking feature being the mountain ranges. The chain of high, craggy peaks stand out against rolling hills and forest covered valleys running 65km. The granite formations of The Stirling Ranges were formed 1100 million years ago. 
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Flora and Fauna of The Stirling Ranges
Birdwatchers and photographers revel in the 78 species of birdlife in The Stirling Ranges, from majestic Wedge tailed eagles to small scarlet robins and the electric blue plumage of the splendid fairy wrens. Botanists and wildflower enthusiasts from around the globe are lured to The Stirling Ranges and surrounding areas to capture the beauty of over 700 species of flowering plants, some of which are rare, endemic or endangered.
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The Stirling Ranges Walking Trails
There are a number of excellent walking trails throughout The Stirling Ranges, varying in difficulty. One of the most popular leads up to Bluff Knoll, the highest peak in the range standing 1073m high. There are a wide range of facilities available at The Stirling Ranges and in the surrounding National Park, including boutique wineries, craft outlets, studios and tearooms.

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