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The first step to achieve a radiant, healthy complexion is a quality cleanser. So it is important to choose a product that your skin responds to. One that removes makeup, dirt and excess oils, but is gentle, balancing and non drying.
Marsh Mallow and Papaya Cleansing Milk 150 ml

Marsh Mallow and Papaya Cleansing Milk 150 ml


A creamy, mildly foaming soap free cleanser, good for all skin types. Marsh mallow soothes and softens, papaya gently removes dead skin cells and soapwort cleanses without over drying the skin. Massage the cleanser around the eye and lip area to gently remove makeup. We add mandarin essential oil for it's balancing, uplifting and calming qualities.

Ingredients:  Purified water, cold pressed olive oil, plant derived emulsifier, cocoa butter, vegetable glycerine, extracts of marsh mallow, papaya, soapwort and Japanese Honeysuckle, pure essential oils of mandarin and tea tree.

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