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The first step to achieve a radiant, healthy complexion is a quality cleanser. So it is important to choose a product that your skin responds to. One that removes makeup, dirt and excess oils, but is gentle, balancing and non drying.
Flower Power Facial Oil 28 ml

Flower Power Facial Oil 28 ml


We know that the Japanese traditionally use fine oils for deep cleansing and Flower Power is ideal for this purpose. Half a dropper massaged in to your skin and then gently removed with a warm damp cloth leaves your skin thoroughly clean and soft. You may only need another drop or two to complete a moisture treatment rich in vitamins A, B and E and essential plant lipids.

Ingredients: Pure cold pressed oils of camellia, calendula, borage, rose hip and evening primrose, Vitamin E, essential oils of neroli, jasmine and helichrysum.

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