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Knowledge Base - Ingredients


Finely ground - a gentle skin softening exfoliant.

Almond Oil

Excellent light, all purpose emollient suitable for all skin types.

Aloe Vera Concentrate

Soothing and healing, aloe vera can help decrease redness and irritation and can accelerate the growth of new skin cells. Antibacterial and highly moisturising.


A skin softener and anti-irritant which stimulates the growth of healthy tissue. Excellent for people with sensitive skin.

Apricot kernel Oil

Cold pressed – a light textured oil good for sensitive, inflamed , dry or mature skins. High in vitamin A, helps the skin retain elasticity and suppleness.

Avocado Oil

Rich in protein and vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E lecithin and Beta Carotene. Excellent for dry and wrinkled skin.

Basil Essential Oil

Uplifting, refreshing and a natural insect repellent. Contains high concentrations of vitamin A and C.


The natural product of West Australian bees. Emulsifier and a barrier forming (protective) agent.


A sweet smelling natural preservative and powerful skin healer from the resin of the Benzoin tree in Java.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Expressed from the peel of nearly ripe bitter orange fruit, it is refreshing, relaxing and uplifting.

Bilberry Extract

Astringent, anti couperose (reduces redness), tonic and a vessel protector. Suits all skin types and is especially good for oily, problem or sensitive skins.

Black Pepper

Essential Oil. Stimulates local circulation.

Borage Oil

One of the richest sources of essential plant fatty acids. Contains Gamma linolenic acid (GLA’s ) and high concentrations of omega 3 and 6. Excellent for maintaining mobile joints and tissues. Very useful for sunburned and aged skin.

Calendula Oil

Soothing , healing , antiseptic. Good for rashes and inflamed skin conditions, helps reduce scarring.

Camelia Oil

Helps in restructuring and moisturising. Vitamins A, B and E. Very high in oleic and linoleic essential fats.

Carrot Oil

Rich in Carotenoids and vitamin E which are powerful antioxidants - excellent for sun damaged, congested, mature or couperose skin. Stimulates cell regeneration.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Extracted from the wood of the evergreen coniferous tree. Antiseptic, wound healing, good for greasy and acneous skin.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Healing, calming, soothing properties - especially effective for sensitive, dry and inflamed skin.

Chamomile Flowers

Finely ground, gently exfoliating and soothing.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Exotic sweet ,warm and woody aroma.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Excellent for regulating excess sebum production. Skin healing, good for acneous complexions.


Our plant derived colouring agent.

Clove Essential Oil

Antiseptic, good for asthma and bronchitis.

Cocoa Butter

A rich emollient from the cocoa bean. A natural cosmetic thickener, softens and protects, especially good where skin is thin – eyes, lips, throat.

Cucumber Hydrosol and Extract

Soothes inflamed and puffy skin. Aids in removing dead skin cells, has brightening and tightening properties.

Cypress Essential Oil

Helps venous tone – used in the treatment of spider veins and broken capilleries. Boosts circulation, refreshing and invigorating.

Dead Sea Salts

Helps exfoliate and promote circulation of the skin – Contains 21 minerals, 12 of which are found in no other sea salt.

Elemi Essential Oil

From the resin of a tropical tree. Rejuvenating and good for aged skin, inflammations and wrinkles.


An ingredient that binds water and oil. Our emulsifiers mimic the skin’s natural lipid barrier and are highly effective, mild, non irritating, silky smooth emollients. Vege-emulse is an emulsifying system derived from the vegetable fatty acids glyceryl stearate and cetearyl alcohol plus a blend of fatty acids and lactic acid sodium stearoyl lactylate. Olive-emulse is derived from olive oil.

Evening Primrose Oil

Good source of omega 3 and 6, contains large amounts of Gamma linolenic fatty acids(GLA’s) which are considered to promote healthy skin growth . An enriching and nourishing facial oil, highly moisturising and emollient. Helps clear skin blemishes, soothes irritations and softens wrinkles.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Regenerative oil used to improve the tone of mature and damaged skin. Helps reduce scarring, and helps control excess oiliness.

Fullers Earth

Highly absorbent, gentle and clarifying clay. Produces a lightening effect on the outer epidermal layer. Number one choice for the treatment of acne.

Geranium Essential Oil

Beneficial for all skin types, especially useful for oily and combination skins. Balancing, used to improve broken capillaries and encourages wound healing. Helps to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.


Warming, stimulating, astringent and antiseptic properties good for boosting circulation and easing tight muscles.

Ginseng Extract

Anti inflammatory, activates cell metabolism and prolongs the lifespan of human cells. Aids in increasing skin elasticity.


Plant derived emollient with strong moisture binding properties.

Gotu Kola Extract

The ‘elixir of life’ for skin. Calms stressed sensitive skin and stimulates the formulation of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin. Aids in the synthesis of collagen, can improve couperose conditions. Tones and brightens all skin types. (Couperose is a condition where redness appears due to the presence of small, dilated red blood vessels visible on the face. Couperose occurs due to poor elasticity of the capillary walls.)

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Overall uplifting and reviving effect. Good for improving circulation.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

A potent antibacterial and antifungal agent.

Grapeseed Oil

Excellent for dry and damaged tissues, regenerative and restructuring. Especially good for the skin around the eyes. High in vitamin E, C, Beta Carotene and Omega 3 and 6.

Green Clay French

Draws impurities, the most actively absorbent clay - excellent toning action and stimulates the skin by encouraging blood flow to damaged skin cells. Revitalizes and brightens the complexion, helps to tighten pores.

Green Tea Extract

Contains the potent anti oxidants vitamin C and E to aid in protecting the skin from the effects of UV radiation and environmental pollution.

Gurjun Balsam Essential Oil

Warm and woody, helps to fix aromas in blended oils.

Hazelnut Oil

Deeply penetrating and stimulating to the circulatory system. Helps to tone and tighten the skin.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Anti allergenic and anti inflammatory, promotes new cell growth and also has good antioxidant qualities.


Antiseptic, healing and soothing. Cleanses and softens the skin.

Horsetail Extract

Healing and calming properties, promotes healthy glowing skin. Tones, firms, refreshes and stimulates the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Naturally derived from a bio fermentation process. Plays an efficient role in tissue hydration, lubrication and cellular function . Hyaluronic Acid is what gives the skin it’s volume and fullness. Softens and plumps wrinkles. Enhanced hyaluronic acid levels seem to increase collagen production.

Ivy Extract

Tones, firms and stimulates circulation.

Japanese Honeysuckle

Natural preservative extracted from the Japanese Honeysuckle. Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against bacteria, yeasts and moulds . An important part of our synergistic preservative blend.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Uplifting, precious flower oil. Anti inflammatory, antiseptic skin healing properties. Soothes and improves the condition of mature skin.

Jojoba Oil

Softens, protects and helps the skin to hold its moisture. Deeply penetrating, contains a waxy substance similar to the skins’ sebum. Rich in vitamin E – can be absorbed readily through several layers of skin providing softness without greasiness. Helps to dissolve sebum and unclog pores.

Jojoba Meal

Fine spheres of jojoba plant, added for their gentle exfoliation properties.

Juniper Essential Oil

Antiseptic, uplifting and relaxing, stimulates the circulation – great for fluid retention and cellulite. Toning effect on greasy skins and a calming effect for the overstressed.


An earth mineral with oil absorbing, deep cleansing and purifying properties.

Kelp Extract

Micro algae with a high content of trace elements. A valuable emollient, rich in silica, tightens and tones preventing wrinkles and sagging.


Cosmetic grade rich emollient, softens and protects.

Lavender Essential Oil

An extremely useful and gentle oil, anti inflammatory, skin healing, soothing and calming. Encourages cell growth and helps to regulate sebum production.

Lavender flowers

Finely ground flowers to gently exfoliate. Soothing, peaceful and healing aroma.


A natural plant phospholipid from non GMO soybean oil. Superior skin restorative moisturiser, with the ability to penetrate the epidermis and carry nutrients to the cellular level.

Lemon Essential Oil

Astringent, antibacterial, cleansing – helps to control sebum production. A rejuvenator, high in vitamin C.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Helps normalize excess sebum production – skin toner, invigorating and stimulating. Uplifting aroma.

Lime Essential Oil

Antibacterial, refreshing , tonic – good for greasy skins, clearing congestion, poor circulation. Sharp, sweet citrus peel aroma.

Macadamia Oil

Highly nourishing, good for dry skins. Helps to reduce moisture loss. Readily absorbed and softening.

Mandarin Essential Oil 

Fresh citrus aroma, calming effect – good for stress, irritability and insomnia.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Rich, spicy aroma, wound healing – very useful for improving the condition of mature skins. Relaxing , good skin tonic promoting new skin regeneration. Collected from the resign of the myrrh tree.

Neroli Essential Oil

Extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, a precious oil excellent for the treatment of mature skin, improves skin elasticity, broken capillaries, stimulates cellular activity and growth.

Neroli Hydrosol

Waters of distillation from the process of extracting neroli oil. Highly aromatic – see neroli essential oil.


Finely ground, very soothing to the skin, relieving itchiness and irritation. Mild cleansing and whitening properties.

Olive Emulse

Olive derived emulsification system. Contains the active ingredient squalane and other ingredients that help feed the cells oxygen. Highly penetrating and moisturising. Helps protect the product from oxidation and slows the oxidation of sebum, therefore discouraging the formation of blackheads.

Olive Oil

Rich in oleic acid, nutrient rich, emollient and highly softening.

Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil

From the fresh fruit peel. Refreshes and stimulates, a good skin rejuvenator – excellent for dry sallow complexions.

Orris Root

Gently exfoliating - from the bulb of the Florentine Iris, a delicate fragrance reminiscent of violets - acts to fix the aromas of essential oils.

Palma Rosa Essential Oil

Improves the condition of dehydrated or mature skin. Stimulates cellular regeneration and helps to regulate sebum production.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Tones, revitalizes – a warm spicy relaxing aroma. Stimulates the growth of skin cells and assists in the healing of rough cracked skin – softening and anti inflammatory.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Refreshing and cooling effects. Antiseptic and anti inflammatory.


From the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. Relaxing and stimulating qualities. A tonic effect on the skin, helps to clear blemishes.

Pink Clay - French

A balanced blend of iron oxide, silica and mineral salts. Medium absorbency. Soothes and retextures the skin. Excellent for toning and maintenance. Suitable for all skin types.


Ultra fine polished particles of volcanic stone gently exfoliate.

Pure Grain Alcohol

Antiseptic and preservative properties – a cooling effect on the skin. A clear neutral spirit made from grain and filtered through charcoal.

Rice Flour

A finely ground gentle and calming exfoliant.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Soothing and calming rosy , citrus aroma. Antiseptic and tonic to the skin, helps improve circulation.

Rose Otto

A precious flower oil with regenerative and skin healing properties. Good for strengthening capillaries and conditions such as couperose. Aids in easing puffiness and dryness. Good for all skin types, excellent hydrating properties.

Rose Petals

Finely ground - gently exfoliating and fragrant.

Rosehip Oil

Containing high quantities of vitamin A - reported to assist in reducing sun damage and improve the elasticity of the skin`. Good for oily and sensitive skin – a rich source of omega 3 and 6. Regenerates, moisturises, helps to reduce scarring and soften the appearance of facial lines.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Invigorating and cleansing, helps with fluid retention and poor circulation. Useful for acne and oily skins, an excellent wound healer. Also good for mature and dry skins.

Rosemary Extract

A powerful antioxidant, prevents oils from going rancid. Also healing and softening for the skin. Beneficial anti aging properties.

Rosewater Hydrosol

Water from the distillation of rose oil. Soothing and regenerating – gently cleansing and softening for all skin types.

Rosewood Essential Oil

Extracted from the wood of the tropical rosewood tree. Soothing, healing, tonic – a deeply relaxing oil good for dry inflamed skin, all skin types. Tissue regenerator.

Safflower Oil

From safflower seeds – extremely high in linolenic acids – superior compatibility and hydration for the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Nourishes, protects and firms.

Sage Essential Oil

Soothing and strengthening – cooling and cleansing properties. Antiseptic and healing.


Helps exfoliate and promote circulation. Stimulates the skin’s natural repair process.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Calming, healing and deeply moisturising. Helps strengthen the connective tissues and helps with water retention.

Sclerotium Gum

A natural gel forming polysaccharide obtained by a fermentation process between the yeast sclerotium rolfsii and glucose - with skin smoothing and soothing properties.


Butter produced from the nuts of the Karite tree. May improve the circulation and elasticity of the skin, helping with the elimination of waste products. Light protection against UV rays – promotes skin healing and suppleness, deeply moisturising.

Sodium Borate

An alkaline salt used with beeswax to make an emulsifier. Softening to the skin.


An agent to help blend water with oil – ours is sourced from castor oil.

Soya Bean Oil

A light deeply moisturising oil extremely high in vitamin E, lecithin and plant sterolins (the valuable fat component in fruits and vegetables).


Often called ‘Natures Facelift’. An elegant emollient with exceptional skin absorption properties, derived from olives. Protects, moisturises and rejuvenates. Very close to the composition of human sebum, a non greasy moisturiser that won’t clog pores.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, wound healing. Excellent in the treatment of acne. Tea tree makes up a part of our synergistic preservative blend.

Vetiver Essential Oil

Deep, woody, smoky aroma. Highest reputation for bringing about tranquillity.

Vitamin B (D Panthenol )

Enhances the formation of skin pigments making the skin appear younger. Deeply penetrating and moisture binding. Improves the moisture retention capacity of the skin and stimulates skin regeneration. Manufactured from a component found in honey.

Vitamin C Granules (Ascorbic acid)

Exfoliates and helps increase collagen production in the skin.

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate)

A fat soluble form of vitamin C said to prevent collagen breakdown. Helps to restore a smooth surface to aging skin. An important anti oxidant derived from citrus fruits. Allows cellular uptake of vitamin C within dermal layers.

Vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol)

It’s strong anti oxidant effect helps protect the skin from damage and the ageing effects of reactive oxygen radicals and UV rays. Improves the surface of the skin and promotes wound healing.

Water Purified

Water with impurities removed by distillation.

Wheat Amino Acid

Derived from wheat germ –strengthens, moisturises and protects the skin – deeply penetrating, it helps draw nutrients deep in to the skin.

Wheat Germ Oil

Extremely high in vitamin E, A and essential fatty acids. Emollient, heals, strengthens and protects the skin. Derived from non GMO wheat.

White Clay - French

A versatile and easily applied clay. Soothing and softening, it has the gentlest drawing action of all the clays, suitable for all skin types.


Refreshing and antiseptic, anti inflammatory, especially useful for oily, blemished skins.

Xanthan Gum (corn sugar gum)

A natural polysaccharide gum used as a thickening agent and in forming natural gels .

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Useful for all skin types, a balancing effect on sebum production.