Remedial Massage

You may be able to claim this treatment on your health fund. Please confirm your Health Fund at the time of booking.

30 Min•$80
45 Min•$120
60 Min•$160
75 Min•$200
90 Min•$240

We prioritize your well-being by employing an evidence-based approach to address musculoskeletal imbalances and conditions. Our dedicated remedial therapists work on a holistic level to understand and treat your body’s unique concerns. Through a combination of specialized techniques, we aim to release tense tissues, enhance flexibility, and optimize muscle function.

Our Remedial Massage Techniques:

  1. Dry Needling:
    Experience a targeted and direct approach to tissue release. Our therapists utilize dry needling to alleviate sensitivity, improve range of motion, and reduce tension and pain. This technique is particularly effective in addressing deep-seated issues, promoting overall musculoskeletal balance.

  2. Electrotherapy:
    For those seeking muscle recovery, especially athletes coming off long seasons, our electrotherapy techniques are designed to connect with underactive muscles, reduce spasms, alleviate pain and tension, and enhance circulation. This innovative approach contributes to a quicker and more effective recovery process.

  3. Trigger Point Therapy:
    Unlock your body’s potential with trigger point therapy. This technique is tailored to increase range of motion, alleviate the fear of movement, reduce tension, improve local blood flow, and expedite the recovery process. It’s an integral part of our holistic approach to musculoskeletal wellness.

  4. Cupping:
    Experience the benefits of cupping, an ancient technique adapted to modern wellness. Enhance your range of motion, alleviate tension, overcome the fear of movement, improve local blood circulation, and boost your recovery process through this effective and non-invasive method.

  5. Reiki:
    Elevate your well-being with Reiki, a holistic approach that increases energy, enhances body connection, and promotes deep relaxation. Our skilled therapists apply Reiki to harmonize your physical and energetic systems, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility.