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Chimes Day Spa

Be totally pampered and relax in a haven of tranquillity at the Chimes Day Spa, where every effort is made to provide a nurturing, caring oasis away from a hectic world.


Discover a unique opportunity to practice the art of pure relaxation at our intimate retreat where you can totally unwind and renew spirits. Chimes Day Spa offers many treatments, with unique experiences available for individuals and couples.

The Day Spa is closed on Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Chimes Day Spa

Spa Packages

Our indulgent spa packages are specifically formulated using a blend of our most relaxing body treatments, designed to deeply refresh, rejuvenate and revitalise the entire body

REFRESH - 2 hrs | $205 PP

30min Sweet & Spicy Scrub + 30min Steam Room with Colour Therapy + 60min Full Body Relaxation Massage

REJUVENATE - 2.5 hrs | $240 PP 30min Steam Room with Colour Therapy + 60min Full Body Relaxation Massage + 60min Loka Facial

REVITALISE - 3.5 hrs | $355 PP

30min Steam Room with Colour Therapy + 60min Dead Sea Mud Wrap + 60min Full Body Relaxation Massage + 60min Loka Facial

Body Scrubs

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Body Polish with Vichy Shower$70 | 30 mins

A natural sweet spicy scrub containing brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and other exotic spices combined with honey and almond oil. Leaves your skin glowing and smooth.

Sea Salt and Oil Scrub with Vichy Shower $70 | 30 mins

The treatment incorporates vigorous massage movements which warm the skin, open the pores and remove dead skin cells. A vigorous scrub ideal for both men and women.

Coffee and Coconut Scrub with Vichy Shower $70 | 30 mins

Detoxifying ground coffee beans are full of antioxidants and moisture rich coconut allows their nourishing oils to be absorbed by the skin.

Bubble Massage

30 min Steam, Exfoliating scrub with mittens and very light massage with soap bubbles

Body Scrub

Body Wraps

Dead Sea Mud Wrap$120 | 60 mins

Pure and Natural Hot Mud, directly extracted from the Dead Sea. Rich in essential minerals it will nourish the skin and aid in cleansing the skin of impurities, removing toxins. Improves circulation and natural skin generation.

Marine Wrap $130 | 75 mins

The thalassotherapy treatment uses a fresh marine algae (seaweed) body wrap. the marine wrap stimulates both the blood circulation and the lymphatic circulation whilst including detoxification benefits. After removal of the body wrap enjoy a complete body rub, massaging a mix of juniper, rosemary and grapefruit contouring oil. This treatment is recommended to help correct many water retention and hormonal imbalances, speed up the metabolism for those seeking weight loss. Fortify the immune system and to help fight off the effects of stress. Excellent for tired aching legs.

Vichy Shower Deluxe $195 | 90 mins

Now this is the ultimate thalassotherapy treatment combining sea salt, mud and seaweed. After a sea salt exfoliation over the whole body the client is wrapped in mud (rich black mud from the dead sea) to draw out toxicity from the skin leaving it brighter and cleaner. This is then followed by a nutritive (rich in natural vitamins and minerals) seaweed pack and cocooned while you enjoy a relaxing head massage. Experience the gentle water massage of the vichy shower as the seaweed is washed away before a special contouring blend of essential oils are massage into the body.


Revitalising Eye-Treatment with Facial Massage 30 mins | $65 ** 60 mins |$100**

A truly rejuvenating eye treatment that gently nourishes and soothes whilst combating fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Traditional Honey-Cucumber Facial 30 mins | $65

A beautifully natural facial with honey, lime and cucumber the age-old skin healers, softeners and moisturisers. Our therapists massage glorious honey and fresh lime juice into the skin and generously apply slices of cucumber as a refreshing natural mask. the lime peels away surface cells and the honey softens the skin and replenishes moisture. A deeply relaxing yet quick pick me up treatment.

The LoKa Facial30 mins - $75 | 60 mins - $110
Our signature facial - a satisfying therapeutic facial using selected products from our organic skin care range - chosen for your skin condition after consultation with you.

The BLoka Facial30 mins - $75 | 60 mins - $110

One for the men, our Bloka facial is a truly satisfying therapeutic facial using selected products from the bloka skin care range - chosen to suit your specific skin care needs based on skin type and condition.

Additional: Paraffin$25 per treatment

You may like to include a paraffin hand or foot treatment during your facial. This includes a lovely massage and dip into a bath of warm paraffin and wrap of hands or feet to soften the skin and cuticles as well as penetrating deeply to soothe and give relief to the joints of the hands or feet. Excellent for dry skin. Great for arthritis sufferers too.



Relaxation - Aromatherapy Massage

30mins - $60 | 45mins - $80 | 60mins - $100 | 75mins - $125 | 90mins - $140

A holistic treatment in which our trained therapists use light and gentle pressures combined with calming massage techniques and the power of pure essential oils, to encourage a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind. Available in light to medium pressure

Relaxation - Swedish Massage

30mins - $60 | 45mins - $80 | 60mins - $100 | 75mins - $125 | 90mins - $140

Immerse yourself in our ultimate relaxation massage designed to specially soothe and recharge. Our trained therapists use traditional Swedish massage techniques to release knots and relieve tension within the body thus restoring harmony and encouraging wellbeing. A particularly effective treatment for easing tired backs, releasing stiff necks and relieving tight calves. Available in light to medium pressure

Therapeutic Massage

30mins - $70 /| 45mins - $90 | 60mins - $120 | 75mins - $155 | 90mins - $170

This truly effective therapeutic massage helps to dissolve aches and strains with the use of deep compressions, gliding strokes and assisted stretches. The oil is applied to the body using the therapist’s elbows and forearms in this stimulating and deeply energising massage. Pre-bookings essential with limited availability

Prenatal Massage

30mins - $65 | 60mins - $115 | 75mins - $145 | 90mins - $160

Is a massage designed especially for expected mothers on their second and third trimester. This soothing treatment improves blood and lymph circulation, keeps all joints strong and aligned thus relieving muscle soreness associated with the body’s adjustment to its changing center of gravity. This massage aims to increase flexibility, improve sleep, relieve anxiety caused by hormonal changes, ease muscle fatigue, help control varicose veins and increase blood and fluid circulation by providing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the mother and baby. Throughout the massage therapists will provide extra pillows to support hips and joints, allowing you to relax and enjoy this nourishing treatment with extra cushioning and comfort ensuring you leave feeling nurtured serene and tension free and in a deep state of relaxation. Available in light to medium pressure

Hot Stone Massage

60mins - $125 | 90mins | $165

This massage incorporates soothingly warm stones and gentle massage strokes to help release pressure and tension, restoring energy and vitality to your whole being. Stones placed strategically along your spine and in other areas of your back, as well as in your hands and on your feet, the added pressure and heat of the spa stones will relieve even the tightest muscles. Available in light to medium pressure

Hands & Feet

Feet Treat | $60 - 30 mins

A specialised foot massage assisting in the relief of stress and tension. This technique helps to improve blood and nerve supply by reflex points on the feet. Stimulates and improves physical and emotional well being.

Hour Feet Treat | $90 - 1 hour

A delicious treat for those overworked feet. Begin with a foot soak and scrub with sea salt and peppermint to refresh and cleanse. Drift away while your feet and calves are massaged and then finally your feet are dipped in a paraffin bath with nourishing oils and then wrapped to allow the warm paraffin to nourish and heal.

Deluxe Pedicure | $90 - 1 hour

A perfect pedicure treat for tired feet - soak, energizing foot scrub and dry skin treatment,nail and cuticle work and a luxurious foot and calf massage. Complete the pedicure with polish or deeply penetrating paraffin treatment

Happy Hands | $60 - 30 mins

You may be amazed at the tension in your hands and arms when experiencing this massage. We complete the soother by dipping your hands into a paraffin bath and then allowing the nourishing added oils to deeply penetrate and soothe the joints of the fingers and hands. Excellent for arthritis too.

Deluxe Manicure | $85 - 1 hour

Relax with a great hand treat whilst your hands are relaxed and nails worked on. Following a relaxing massage complete your manicure with polish or deeply penetrating paraffin.

Express Mani| $55 - 30 mins

Cut, file, buff and polish

Express Pedi | $60 - 30 mins

Cut, file, buff and polish

Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure with Shellac | $95 - 90 mins

Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels. This treatment includes the removal of shellac, cleaning, a bit of hand massage and painting

Tint & Wax

Body Waxing:

Underarms | $25

Half Leg | $50

Full Leg | $70

Back Wax (from) $60

Bikini (from) $30

Facial Waxing

Eyebrows | $20

Lips | $15

Chin | $17

Sides of Face | $25

Tinting / Henna

Eyebrow Tint | $20

Henna | $40

Eyelashes | $25

Steam Deck

Relax and unwind for 30 mins in our colour therapy steam deck. A truly sensual journey, breathing in beautiful aromatherapy oils, experiencing the benefits of chromatherapy (colour therapy) all whilst hot steam wraps your body relieving aching muscles, reducing tension, eliminating toxins and cleansing the skin. The perfect way to begin any of our beautiful spa treatments.

30 mins | $40 PP

30 mins | $75 for 2

SAUNA 30 mins $45 PP or $80 for 2

A new addition to our facilities, relax and unwind for 30 mins in our Traditional Sauna. Warm up the body, relax the muscles and calm the mind before any of our beautiful treatments. Saunas promote incredible health benefits including, better sleep, relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, relief from sore muscles, relief from joint pain, clear and tighter skin, and improved circulation.

Add Ons

SPA LUNCH Pre Ordering Essential

THE LAKEHOUSE DENMARK TASTE PLATTER…$45 | Mount Barker smoked chicken, Beetroot & Shiraz relish, locally smoked leg ham, Seeded Chardonnay Mustard, Vegetable Frittata, seasonal dip, antipasto, cheese of the day, Wine Jelly, Fig Apple & Chardonnay Chutney, garden salad with Grape-seed oil vinaigrette & house baked bread

CHIMES PLATTER FROM LAKEHOUSE…$80 for 2 people | A gourmet taste sensation Mt Barker smoked chicken, Vinofood beetroot & shiraz relish, local cherry wood smoked leg ham, Vinofood seeded chardonnay mustard, Italian cacciatore sausage, vegetable frittata, seasonal dip, antipasto bowl, cheese selection: Capel club shedder, Dellendale double cream brie, Vinofood wine jelly, Semillon pickled pears and fig, apple & chardonnay chutney, house baked croutons, seasonal leaves with Vinofood Riesling pickled vegetables, grape seed oil vinaigrette and house baked bread

Book Direct

The owners, Elisabeth and Jack Otto, would like to welcome you to their small exclusive boutique retreat. Our Denmark accommodation has been architect designed for discerning adults who appreciate attention to detail and personalized service in a child-free environment. We strive to provide an atmosphere of casual sophistication, conducive to relaxation, rather than formality and ceremony.

Being small we know we have to try harder, but we think you’ll find the combination of our accommodation and the cosiness of our day spa will guarantee a relaxing and satisfying visit. Please feel free to call either Elisabeth or Jack prior to your visit if you have any special requests.

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