Lights Beach

Known for Surfing, Walking, Boats, Sightseeing

    Located southwest of Denmark, Lights Beach beckons with its natural allure and captivating scenery. Accessible via Ocean Beach Road, then turning onto Lights Road, this coastal gem offers an array of delights for adventurers and nature lovers.

    Lights Beach comprises three distinct beaches accessible from one point. The eastern beach features a mesmerizing ocean-waterfall where waves cascade into Princess Pool—a serene spot ideal for paddling. The central beach boasts breath-taking views of William Bay and the Southern Ocean, while the western beach offers panoramic vistas and connects to William Bay National Park.

    At Lights Beach Lookout, a short walk from the car park, visitors are treated to stunning views of Wilson Head. A paved walkway leads to the east, revealing hidden rock pools and waterfalls, while to the west lies the expansive William Bay National Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

    As the sun sets, the lookout offers a prime vantage point to witness nature's nightly spectacle, casting hues of gold and crimson over the landscape.

    Elephant Cove

    Known for Surfing, Walking, Boats, Sightseeing

      Discover the pristine beauty of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, where turquoise waters meet ancient granite formations, creating a surreal landscape that beckons you to dip your toes and immerse yourself in nature's wonders.

      Greens Pool

      Known for Surfing, Walking, Snorkelling, Views

        Located 16 kilometres from Chimes Spa Retreat lies the enchanting Greens Pool, nestled within the serene confines of William Bay National Park. This hidden gem offers a magical escape, shielded from the crashing waves of the Great Southern Ocean by its signature rounded rock boulders.

        Stepping into the crystal-clear waters, visitors are greeted by a gentle, gradual slope, providing a safe and inviting environment for ocean exploration. The pristine white sands stretch endlessly to the west, disappearing beyond the rocky sentinels that guard the tranquil rock pool.

        Greens Pool stands as one of Denmark’s most beloved destinations, drawing visitors near and far to its pristine shores. Renowned for its exceptional snorkelling opportunities, the inner side of the rock breaks teems with vibrant marine life, inviting adventurers to discover the wonders beneath the surface.

        Madfish Bay

        Known for Surfing, Walking, Sightseeing

          Madfish Bay and Madfish Bay Beach is nestled within the serene confines of William Bay National Park's eastern end. Immerse yourself in the secluded charm of Madfish Beach, embraced by captivating rock formations that frame breathtaking vistas of Wilson Head and the Denmark Community Windfarm. Witness the mesmerizing collision of two tides, a phenomenon said to bewilder the local fish, inducing a frenzy of leaping antics, as if caught in a spell of utter madness, according to timeless local tales.

          Waterfall Beach

          Known for Swimming, Walking, Sightseeing, Waterfall

            Located just a short drive east of Greens Pool along the smooth bitumen road lies Waterfall Beach, conveniently situated near Madfish Bay's carpark. Consult the William Bay National Park Map for precise directions to this hidden gem.

            In winter, witness the spectacle as the waterfall cascades across the heathland, gracefully descending over weathered rocks to meet the sandy shores below, carving a channel to the azure sea.

            Venture further to discover Lights Beach, visible in the distance beyond the waterfall's embrace. Traverse the rugged terrain between these coastal wonders, utilizing the Bibbulmun trail and appropriate hiking gear for safe passage.

            Ocean Beach

            Known for Swimming, Walking, Sightseeing, Waterfall

              Nestled between the Wilson Inlet and the Great Southern Ocean lies Ocean Beach, just a few kilometres outside Denmark.

              Ocean Beach is not only a visual delight but also a haven for water enthusiasts. Renowned as a premier surfing destination, it offers perfect waves for surfers of all levels, with shallow waters and a sandbar ideal for swimming.

              Beyond water sports, Ocean Beach invites leisurely strolls and moments of reflection. The beach extends onto the Nullaki Peninsula for much of the year, providing an expansive shoreline for exploration and relaxation.

              As the sun sets, casting a golden hue upon the waves, Ocean Beach exudes a timeless magic. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply the beauty of nature, Ocean Beach promises an unforgettable experience that lingers in the heart long after departure.