Aromatherapy Massage

75 Min$145
60 Min$125
45 Min Add-On Treatment$90
30 Min Add-On Treatment$70
Create your own journey with your choice of one of five organic, natural plant oil blends.

A choice of 5 oils:

  • De-Stress - Geranium & Lavender
    For calming and relaxing body & mind
  • Muscle Relax - Trio of Eucalyptus & Kunzea
    For muscular warming and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Renewal - Bergamot & May Chang
    For energy and vitality
  • Tranquility - Turkish Rose
    For heart healing and nurturing
  • White Flannel Flower
    For celebrating life, feeling beautiful and filled with joy

Deep Conditioning Scalp Massage

30 Min Add-On Treatment$70
45 Mins Add-On Treatment$90
Revitalise body & mind, inspire a sense of balance and restore shiny lustre to hair.

Deep Tissue Massage

75 Min$190
60 Min$160
45 Min Add-On Treatment$105
30 Min Add-On Treatment$85
A full body massage using deep compression, gliding strokes and assisted stretches to assist with aches & strains.

Pre-Natal Massage

60 Min$130
Nourish the body and soothe the mind with our tension relieving pre-natal massage designed specifically for pregnant women. Your treatment will be customised to you needs to help relieve tension and melt away individual aches and pains. Extra pillows are available to support hips and joints, allowing you to relax and enjoy this nourishing treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

75 Min$150
Soothingly warm stones and gentle massage strokes will help release pressure and tension, restoring energy and vitality to your whole being.